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Adult Driving Instruction

Whether you have never driven or are uncomfortable behind the wheel and need to gain confidence, Gunner Driving School can help you!   Would you like someone to help you parallel park, back into a parking space, merge into a highway?  Are you a new driver?  Do you want to prepare for the DMV driving test so you can get your license?    Whatever your need, our instructor can help to prepare you to be confident behind the wheel and safe on the highway.

To operate our vehicle, a NC Learners Permit or NC Driver's License is required.  Once our instructor speaks with you, observes you driving, and learns your needs, he will be able to quickly determine whether a one-to-two-hour session is all you need, or whether additional hours of instruction will prepare you for the road.  Most drivers are surprised to find that only an hour or two can get them on their way, prepared to drive defensively, safely, and independently.   

  Our instructor only picks up students in areas that are within a reasonable distance.  Check with him to see if you are in his service area.  Hours available for are adults typically are limited to M-F during the day.  School students have priority driving times after school and on weekends.  The fee for adult instruction is $65 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours on the first session.  

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